Cute Short Game Project

freeBASIC is fantastic !
This is so true when you want to design quickly cute short games ...
Cute Short Game Project (CSGP for short) is born with a simple strange idea  :
Create a collection of  cute short game titles under constraints ...

Each title must respect the following utopic rules :
  • All in 1 FreeBASIC source fileone .BAS file that contains code + resource
  • No extra library dependency.  no FMOD, no SDL no OpenGL,no BASS, no YAGL, etc , only native FB llibs
  • Linux,  Windows and DOS compatible. no OS specific API calls
  • no ASM / INP / OUT  platform specific usage. no low level  access
  • .BAS file as short as possible . Comments are not counted ;) . but the idea is to have small executable
  • As small as possible footprint memory usage. never  waste memory
  • Low end Gfx card compatible : 256 colors, 320 x 240 . Vintage view !

Create maximum  Fun & Cute thing with a minimum !

Until now, most of these creations are inspired by nostalgic arcade games from Nintendo, Atari , CPC Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, Vectrex console or even V-Tech Handheld LCD games.

All provided .exe files were compiled with freeBASIC version 0.15b  
All provided .bas files can be compiled with freeBASIC version 0.15b and later.
To be compiled with freeBASIC version 0.17b , you've to use "-lang deprecated" fbc parameter (except for lander)
All  .bas files were tested with Windows and Linux...  Should works with DOS but not tested ..
FreeBasic Top 50    Thanks to all of you that helping me to support this strange idea

#11 Lander


hard work...A very classic game :

With the illusion of a green monochromatic vectorial monitor (very vintage style !)
you've to succeed to land your ship without crash.
the difficulties are
- Gravity (obvious)
- Land contrast ( mountains...)
- Energy economy (the remaining energy after landing represent the score)
- Energy suckers (Enemies that  do not kill you directly but  steel you energy)

Command :
- Use Left / Right  arrow key to rotate the lander
- Use Up arrow key to get thrust
- Escape : to quit  the game
- Alt-Enter : Windows / Full Screen

Level Editor:
you may launch the game with the parameter "-edit" at command line, this allow to enter in lthe level editor by pressing F10
by pressing F1 inside the level editor, you'lll have more help to use the editor.

this game is at 640x480 screen resolution (It's currently until now the only exception in CSGP) This is due that 640x480 is much better than 320x240 with a vectorial gfx  game

you may  download  lander only  (exe + source)
or the  source only
or you may  download  all csgp titles (same as the download link above on this page)

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "All in One" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 8405"

#10 All In One

All in One

It's the All In One : Just a program that contains all other titles listed below  (#9, # 8, #7, # 6 and #5)

Use Up/Down key and Enter to select
Alt-Enter : Windows / Full Screen

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "All in One" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 3926"

#9 Too Much Cement

Too Much Cement

hard work... Are you workaholic ?
You've to be to succeed here....
This title is directly inspired from "Mario's Cement Factory" tabletop version from Nintendo 1983
How to play
In cement factory, your friend is operating 2 concrete mixers
He has to hop on and off the lifts to open the valves on the hoppers.
The hoppers have to be emptied before they reached their limit.
Only one load of concrete flows with each lever action.
When one hopper is full, a warning signal sounds.
Quick Open It. Take care of the Lift

Left/Right Arrow key
Down arrow key to push down the lever
Alt-Enter for FullScreen/Windowed

Non-beginner player control:
"c" : (C in lower case) to add 1 more cement
"+" : move to next level (until 7)

When the score reaches 300 points, all misses are canceled.
If there are no misses when a 300 score is reached,Score flashes and all points are awarded at double value until a miss is scored

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "Too Much Cement" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 3828"

#8 Sleepwalker


Please do protect sleepwalkers ...ZZzz...
This is a game directly inspired from "Sleepwalker" LCD handheld game  from V-Tech 1981.

Control :
Home key  for Top Left
PgUp key for Top Right
PgDn key fro Bottom Right
End key for Bottom Left
Alt-Enter Window / Full screen

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "Sleepwalker" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 3170"

#7 Hurry Chef

WARNING ! This title is not like modern game
This is a prototype of LCD alike game directly inspired from "Kitchen" by Masudaya Toys 1982

Player manual
The chef need to avoid 
  • Syrup leak (Chef with the spoon)
  • Broken plate (Chef catching plate)
  • Hungry mices (Chef with fork)
Each time that
  • a "Syrup leak" fall into the jar
  • a "Plate is saved"
  • a "Mouse" is away
then the "Cook machine" get more "Heat"
If the cook machine is about to BOOM ("movement sprite" at the top of the cook machine) then Chef have to calm down the cook machine (Chef turning button)

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "Hurry Chef" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 3038"

#6 Bouncing Stuntman

Avoid Stuntmen to crash on the floor...
How to save them...
Make them bounce !

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "Bouncing Stuntman" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 2934"

#5 Mushroom Raindrop

Catch all falling raindrops !
At the beginning it's very easy... but after 30 points things change...

Good or bad comments are welcome on the FreeBasic forum "Mushroom raindrop" topic at "FreeBasic Forum topic 2869"

#4, #3, #2, #1 : unpublishable titles

Sorry these titles were so crappy, I refuse myself to be identify with these pieces of crap code.
I keep references number , just to remind myself from where I come from... In addition I refuse to publish unfinished games.

Great Thanks to 
Adigun A. Polack
Jocke The Beast
Lachie Dazdarian
Pete Berg
And all the QB/FB Community !
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